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real-time platform
Gaia Public Transport offers a Cloud-based Real-time Platform for traffic and information management, and an Online Vehicle Platform with intelligent services for passengers and drivers.
Connect your transit network

Real-time Passenger Information

Provide intelligent digital signage, audio alerts and passenger information. Ensure quality with constantly updated information to the passengers, wherever they are.

Universal Traffic Control

Monitor the real-time performance of your entire transit network. Handle incidents, communicate with drivers and passengers, and create re-routes in case of unexpected events.

Intelligent Driver Assistance

Interactive driver support with navigation, communication, journey information and onboard signage control. Assists the driver in case of incidents and unforeseen events in traffic.

Real-time Integration Platform

Connect passengers, vehicles, systems, and open data. Make complex traffic data systems work together and act on real-time events.
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A Next Generation Platform
Harness the power of Digital Twins and cloud-native technology. Get industry-leading control over real-time events and complex data flows.
Real-time Traffic Management
Real-time Traffic Management
Get ready for your upcoming MaaS demands with a state-of-the-art cloud platform. Designed for PTOs and PTAs to manage scheduled and demand-responsive transit services.
Real-time insights
Real-time insights
Get access to crucial information by monitoring your transit network powered by AI. Measure the quality of your passenger information system, follow up on punctuality, and visualize your ongoing traffic.
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Onboard Applications
A connected onboard platform with applications for passenger information and driver support. One software solution for various hardware and generations.
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Share one truth.

Share one common truth of past and present traffic conditions. Manage your traffic centrally and interact with all stakeholders simultaneously.

Understand the real-time data to improve your services.

“With this complex data gathered and provided to me, I can finally understand what’s going on in the vehicles and the traffic. It improves the quality of our services to the customers.”
Albert Gunnarsson
System Integrator, Östgötatrafiken

Focus on the operating day.
Handle your traffic in real-time.

No more

Gaia Public Transport processes and analyzes real-time data to provide instant insights and improve journeys. It gives you control over the traffic during the operating day. Handle incidents, communicate with drivers and create re-routes in case of unexpected events. The changes are communicated immediately to passengers.
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